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Torque Digital Home UPS


  • Small size. High efficiency: The Torque Digital Home UPS is small enough to fit into the space demands of today's modern households. A neat, compact design that hides a powerful heart.
  • Instant switchover: The switch-over between mains power and battery is so fast, you won't even feel it. And the voltage is always kept within the safe range, to protect your precious IT equipment and sophisticated appliances.
  • Faster charging: Equipped with charging technology which enables the batteries to get charged 40% faster than other systems. So, even if the mains power fails repeatedly, the battery back-up will snap into action every time.
  • Surge protection: Torque Digital Home UPS can comfortably handle high in-flow of current, upto 300% of its actual capacity. And your appliances are fully protected.
  • Complete protection: Its superior HCLC (High Cut/Low Cut) technology ensures that the system automatically snaps into battery mode in case there is a high or a low voltage. No more worries of frequent breakdowns.
  • High Cold Start Capability: Su-Kam's Torque Digital Home UPS has the highest Cold Load Capability which means if 12 tube lights are connected to Torque (700) and it is switched on, all the tube lights will be on at the same time.
  • Automatic Overload Sensing: In case of overload, Su-Kam's System Overload Alarm resets the Home UPS automatically.
  • Wheeled Trolleys: You can choose a modular trolley, which meets the aesthetic requirement of your home.

Cosmic Digital UPS

Su kam UPS Battery Dealer


  • SMD (Surface Mount Device) Technology: The PCB card based SMD technology reduces the size of the Cosmic Digital UPS. This not only reduces human error while manufacturing, it also makes it far more efficient than any other conventional system.
  • Instant switchover: It has instant switchover for consistent supply of power. It also comes with safer voltage stabilization that protects your sensitive equipment.Instant switchover: It has instant switchover for consistent supply of power. It also comes with safer voltage stabilization that protects your sensitive equipment.
  • Fire resistant and shock proof body: The Cosmic Digital UPS comes sheathed in a high-grade polycarbonate body that can withstand temperatures as high as 200-250 degree Celsius. This high-grade polycarbonate body also ensures 100% protection from any electric shocks.
  • Multi-information Graphic Display Panel: This really helpful feature displays the real time status of the system.
  • Convenient Trolley: For ease of use and safety, the Cosmic Digital UPS comes with the Cosmic Trolley, which is a screw-less mobile trolley.
  • Enhanced protection: It automatically shuts down in case of short circuit, high temperature, battery overload or a situation of low battery. It’s built in audio and visual warning signals buzz in the event of overload, fuse blowing etc.
  • Power Active Switch: Enables you to power up the load through the mains in case of low voltage.

Shark Digital UPS


  • Quick Switchover: The switch-over between mains power and battery is so fast, you won't even feel it. And the voltage is always kept within the safe range, to protect your precious IT equipment and sophisticated appliances.
  • Micro controller based operation: Shark Digital UPS is Based on the world's most advanced micro-controller technology, which improves the efficiency of the whole system and provides clean power as well.
  • Highest power factor for low electricity bills: Optimal power consumption with micro controller based systems, saves your electricity bills. Highest power factor in this range.
  • Automatic low battery protection: Checks batteries while in battery mode to protect them from deep discharge. Alerts user during emergency with a buzzer sound.
  • Smart overload protection: Protects appliances from breakdown in case of overload. It gives a repeated beep alarm. In case the load is not reduced, the system shuts down automatically after 8 repeated beep alarms.
  • Smart short circuit protection: Protects appliances in case of any short circuit. The system beeps and retries 4 times. After 4 beeps, the system shuts down automatically.
  • A sleek new age look: A contemporary and stylish design makes the Shark Digital Home UPS amazingly good looking compared to its contemporaries.

Frendyi Digital Home UPS

Exide Home Battery


  • Ideal for small power back-up needs: It can specifically be used by small business houses or people working from home who want to work uninterruptedly on their computers only, to secure longer backup.
  • Instant Switchover: In case of power failure, the process of switchover to the battery mode is barely a few milliseconds. Hence, the power supplied to the connected appliances, like computer is not interrupted, as a result of which the system does not need to reboot.
  • Space Saver: The Frendyi Digital Home UPS has been specifically designed keeping in mind the space constraint that people face at their households and shops.
  • Efficient & Fast Charging: It charges its battery 50% faster, which helps the product to work really efficiently and give much longer power backup as compared to normal inverters in areas with frequent power cuts.
  • Cost Saving: With the help of state-of-the-art technology the product has been equipped to provide maximum output from smaller batteries. This feature helps in saving lot of money for the customer, as there is no need to buy a big battery for a small inverter.
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection:Su-Kam’s Frendyi Digital Home UPS system increases the life of the battery by saving it from excess discharge. It senses and retains a small percentage of the power inside the battery attached at all times. The system helps the Battery to retain the basic charge required for efficient and long life.
  • Intelligent Thermal Management: The micro controller senses the temperature inside the system and controls heat dispenser fan to save the system from the situation of overheat.
  • Overload Protection with Auto Reset: In case of overload, the inverter issues a warning to the user by switching ‘off’ and ‘on’ the power to the running appliances, the system gives the user chance to manage and identify the overload. Once the load is reduced, the inverter automatically resumes its services and saves customer from physically going to the inverter and restarting it.
  • Short Circuit Protection: To protect the system from a situation of short-circuit, which might happen because of any malfunction in the connected appliances or due to excessive overload, This Frendyi UPS cuts the power supply from the battery and issues overload warning through the alarm and LED display to the user. This feature safe guards and increases the life of the inverter and the battery attached.
  • User-friendly Graphical Display:The user-friendly Graphical Display alerts help the user to manage the system with ease and comfort.

Falcon HBU

Exide Industrial Battery Dealer

Falcon HBU is one of the most technologically superior home inverter in Indian market. It is powered by a special transformer which is created to minimize energy losses owing to its compact design. Compared to ordinary inverters it gives you 25% more efficiency and EXTRA 45 minutes of backup time!

Product features:

  • Low Harmonics:
    The compact transformer inside Falcon HBU not only makes it highly efficiency but also reduces harmonics. High harmonics are like ripples that interfere with battery charging and harm your battery life. That is why Su-Kam has created Falcon HBU to minimize harmonics and give clean and pure DC power to your battery. It increases battery's life.
  • Shhhhh No Noise UPS:
    The superior technology in Falcon HBU makes it totally noiseless. This combined with quick switchover time means that you will not realize powercut. Falcon HBU will switch itself on instantly when it detects powercut and is so quiet that you do not get to know if it is on.
  • Lowest No Load Current = Savings:
    Did you know that your home inverter/UPS needs electricity to keep itself functioning? Even if there is no electrical appliance connected to it, the UPS will still continue to consume a good amount electricity which adds to your electricity bills. Falcon HBU has been designed to take care of this problem – it takes very little electricity as compared to ordinary inverters.
  • Robust Power:
    Falcon HBU may look small and light but it is quite heavy duty. It is powerful enough to run 7 computers at one time.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation:
    Like most of Su-Kam's products Falcon Plus is also intelligent to detect change in outside temperature and reduce or increase the boost charging voltage of battery. This results in long battery life.
  • 90v Charging::
    Falcon HBU is suited for big cities as well as small towns and rural areas. It can charge the batteries even at a low voltage of 90v.
  • DT6S Six Stage Charging:
    Falcon HBU gives multi-stage charge (spread across 6 stages) to batteries which keeps your battery healthy. Whereas ordinary inverters can only do 3 stage charging.

Electronic Protection

  • Battery reversal pole protection
  • Battery deep discharge & overcharge protection.
  • High surge load handling capability
  • Smart overload & short circuit protection with 8 times auto retry
  • Reverse current flow protection.

Falcon+ Pure Sine Wave HUPS

The Revolution Is Here...

From the company which holds a record for being the only power backup company in India to file for over 100 patents, comes another revolutionary product – Falcon plus – pure sine wave home UPS.

Solar Exide Battery


  • ATC- automatic tempreture compensation
  • 90 volt battery charging
  • Gives you the freedom to choose battery size according to your backup need
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology Solves Battery Charging Problems
  • Freedom to Choose Battery Size Solves the Problem of Overspending on Batteries
  • Automatic Bypass Solves the Problem of Fault in Inverter
  • Resettable Fuse Solves the Problem of Fixing Blown Fuses
  • Low Voltage Disconnect Solves the Problem of Battery Backup
  • 90v Charging Solves the Problem of Undercharging of Batteries in Low Voltage Areas
  • High Crest Factor Solves the Problem of Running Big Refrigerators or AC
  • 42-65 Frequency Solves the Problem of Generator Compatibility

Smiley Sine Wave HUPS

Smiley Sine Wave UPS is a complete package of contemporary style, path-breaking technologies, superior intelligence and better economy. One of its most striking features is the way it has been designed and presented. Breaking away from traditional style, the R&D team at Su-Kam has given Smiley a very futuristic and smart look. A robust color scheme makes it a lifestyle product beautiful enough to add glamour to your interiors and enhance the living spaces. So now, you don't have to tuck your UPS away in a dark corner, but flaunt it.

Exide Home UPS Dealer


  • The looks
  • Shock proof
  • Fire retardant
  • SMD Technology
  • Sine Wave UPS Technology
  • Enhanced Protection
  • High Surge Handling Capacity
  • Convenient Trolley

Solar Compatibility
Smiley Sine Wave UPS / Inverter is compatible with Solar and can be used as solar inverter.

Load Chart

850VA / 12V
Load Option A B C D
PC 1


Tube Light 3 3 4 2
Fans 3 3 4 2
Room Cooler

CFL 2 4 2 2

Falcon++ Pure Sine Wave Home UPS

Su-kam brings to you India's first smart home UPS – Falcon ++. It not only looks elegant and stylish but also uses the advanced ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) technology. This product is high on quality and is cost-effective as well making it the best home inverter in India.

What’s new about Falcon ++?
The LCD display is perhaps the most brilliant feature added in this Home UPS. Through the various display messages, the customer can easily understand the status of the inverter and let it function accordingly.


  • Six Stage Charging
  • 90 V Battery Charging
  • Lowest Switch over time
  • Option to choose battery size
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Automatic Bypass Switch
  • Compatibility with solar and generators
  • Extra Protective Layer
  • Low Voltage Disconnect

Shiny Sine Wave HUPS

Shiny Sine-Wave UPS is a revolutionary new technology that will make you expect more from your power back up. It not only offers non-stop protection for all your valuable appliances, it does it so silently, that you’ll forget you have a UPS.

Being a Sine Wave UPS, it offers non-stop protection for your appliances and more efficiency for reduced power consumption. And there's more. It is a super silent UPS with an automatic overload sensor and fuzzy logic that is designed to put your comfort first.

Su kam UPS Battery Supplier


  • Handle High Current
  • Superior Technology
  • Choose between UPS & Non UPS Mode
  • Extra Energy Efficient
  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic Control Technology
  • The Two-way slider Selection Switch
  • Highest Cold Start Capability
  • Shiny Sine-Wave UPS comes with a choice of 2 great looking wheeled trolleys

Falcon Sine Wave HUPS

Su-Kam's Home UPS Systems are a truly futuristic concept. These two-in-one products completely eliminate the need to have separate power back-up systems for your home appliances as well as your computer. Based on a high-end microcontroller technology the Falcon Sine Wave UPS provides Pure Sine Wave output that is 100% clean, regulated, completely stable and distortion free and absolutely safe for running the most sophisticated and sensitive appliances, silently.


  • Instant switchover
  • Automatic overload regulation
  • System and appliances fully protected
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Fuzzy logic controlled patented charging technology
  • SMD Technology (Surface Mount Device Technology)
  • Compatibility with batteries
  • UPS mode/Wide UPS mode
  • User-friendly graphical display with audible alerts
  • Wheeled trolleys: Knight & Sturdy

Load Chart

FALCON 600 VA/12 V 800 VA/12 V 1400 VA/24 V
Load Option A B C
PC 1


Tube Light 2 4 4
Fans 2 3 2
Room cooler


3 2 4
3 3 4


7 6 8
7 6 8


Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS 2.5kVA/36 V

Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 kVA Commercial UPS is the world's most advanced UPS that works on DSP Sine Wave Technology. It is equipped to provide 100% pure sine wave power to multiple heavy duty appliances simultaneously. The power supplied by Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 kVA Commercial UPS is actually purer than the power supplied from the mains, resulting in a noise-free home & office. Given the fact that there has been a steady increase in the use of electronic equipments like Computer, Water Motor Pump, STD/PCO monitor, Microwave Oven, Air Conditioner etc. over the years, every residential and commercial unit needs an uninterrupted power back-up source. An ordinary UPS is not equipped with the power to support and run multiple appliances that draw enormous energy from source.

Solar Exide Battery Dealer


  • Reduce Electricity Bills
  • High Load Power Factor
  • Protects Appliances
  • Powers Mix Load
  • High Initial Current


  • Automatic Bypass
  • LED Display Panel
  • Instant Switch Over
  • Inbuilt Protection


  • Computer
  • Refrigerator
  • Television
  • Dentist Chair
  • Security Systems
  • Washing Machine
  • Microwave Oven
  • Room Cooler
  • Home Theater
  • *Air Conditioner with 5'Star Ratings (0.8 Ton)
  • Fan
  • Tubelight
  • Projector
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Photocopy Machine
  • Video Camera
  • Water Pump
  • Electric Chimney and many more

Load Chart

Load Backup Chart For 2.5KVA/36 V Pure Shine Wave Commercial UPS
29 ” T.V FAN TUBELIGHT 15W CFL Energy Saver *0.8 TON A.C /Room Heater Computer Air Cooler Refrigerator 220LTS BACKUP TIME
1 1 1 2 1 - - - 4 Hours
1 2 - 4 - - 1 1 5.5 Hours
1 3 1 4 - 1 - 1 7 Hours
1 2 2 8 - - 1 1 5 Hours
- 1 - 4 1 - - - 4.5 Hours
- 3 - 4 - 1 - 1 8 Hours
1 - 3 3 - 1 - 1 7.5 Hours
- - 4 4 - 2 - 1 6 Hours
- 1 - 4 1 - - - 4.5 Hours
1 - 2 8 - 1 - 1 6.5 Hours

Fusion Series Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS

The world’s most advanced commercial UPS

Based on the world’s most advanced DSP Sine Wave Technology, Fusion Pure Sine Wave UPS is the World's most advanced Commercial UPS. The power it supplies is actually purer than the power supplied from the mains. This is clearly evident, as appliances don't make any irritating, humming sound as they do on normal UPS available in the market.

Today, with expensive equipment like computers, water motor pumps, microwave ovens and air conditioners being used extensively, an ordinary UPS cannot supply the right kind of power to run these everyday utilities. Here the Fusion gives the consumer the additional advantage of being able to power all their electronic appliances, whenever required.

Exide Industrial Battery


  • DSP Based PWM technology using MOSFET
  • Constant Supply of Power
  • Fire retardant
  • Fuzzy Logic Charging Technique
  • Customized Charging Facility
  • Battery Water topping Alarm
  • High Temperature Warning and Over Temperature Shutdown
  • LCD Display Panel
  • Bypass Feature (24x7 Service)
  • Wide UPS Mode/UPS Mode

Solar Compatibility
Fusion Series Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS is compatible with Solar and can be used as solar inverter.

Load Chart

2.5-3.5 KVA / 48 V UPS
29 ” T.V FAN TUBELIGHT 15W CFL Energy Saver 0.75 TON A.C /Room Heater Computer Air Cooler Refrigerator 220LTS BACKUP TIME
1 2 2 2 1 - - - 4 Hours
1 2 - 4 - - 1 1 6 Hours
1 3 1 4 - 1 - 1 10 Hours
1 2 2 8 - - 1 1 7 Hours
- 1 - 4 1 - - - 6 Hours
- 3 - 4 - 1 - 1 11 Hours
- - 2 2 1 1 - 1 6 Hours
1 - - 4 - 1 - 1 15 Hours
- - - 4 1 1 - 1 6 Hours
1 - 2 8 - 1 - 1 12 Hours

Colossal DSP Sine Wave Inverters

A healthier alternative to generators

Su-Kam's DSP Sine Wave Inverter – Colossal Series, powered with reliable, regulated and stabilized Pure Sine Wave Output is a complete power generation system that is suitable for all types of commercial establishments and is capable of running everything from Lights to Air Conditioners and Lifts to Elevators, in a most cost effective manner.

Su-Kam’s DSP Sine Wave Inverter supplies pure power, which is actually purer than even the power supplied by the grid, and is 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office equipment, silently. It has already established itself as a most reliable option to generators at banks/ATM’s, hospitals, petrol pumps and shopping malls to name a few.

Exide Home Battery Distributor


  • Safe for sensitive equipment
  • Heavy Duty Usage
  • Pollution Free
  • Ease of Operation
  • Low Running Cost
  • Easy to Install
  • High Efficiency and Reliability
  • Advanced Communication
  • Battery Care System
  • Extended Power Back-up Time
  • Su-Kam's Soft Start Technology
  • Cold Start

Solar Compatibility
Colossal DSP Sine Wave Inverters is compatible with Solar and can be used as solar inverter.

Office Manager Digital UPS

Su-Kam's Line-interactive UPS Systems offer surge protection and battery backup while regulating the AC power using one converter. Based on Micro Controller/Digital Signal Controller technology, it ensures full safety of highly sophisticated equipment.

A Line Interactive UPS is the simplest and most cost effective way of coping with disturbances i.e. sudden blackouts, variations in main power supply.

Exide Industrial Battery Supplier


  • Micro-controller based PWM technology using MOSFET
  • Pure output to run PC with other appliances efficiently and noiselessly
  • A highly advanced Self-Start Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • Wide input AVR range and narrow output window
  • Changeover with Phase Synchronization
  • Smart SMPS based battery charger with automatic power factor correction
  • Cold Start capable
  • No load shutdown at battery mode
  • Inbuilt Mobile charger (800VA to 1000VA)
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Software Controlled Double Protection for Overload and Short Circuit
  • A highly sophisticated Pulse Charge
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • User friendly display & Audible alarms
  • Future upgradeability

Line Interactive UPS Series is ideal for computers, printers, modems, security systems and Point of Sale terminals. Making them the first choice of small department stores.

Solar Exide Battery Dealer

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