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Every summer when heat is at its peak there has always been an excess consumption of electricity and this leads to frequent power cuts, but there is no need to worry about power cuts anymore as SF Sonic is known to perform best even in the longest power cuts that have hit our country. SF Sonic’s inverter batteries are the most trusted batteries and have been a brand that is hard to beat in the domestic inverter backup market for decades. Our special design which has the hybrid alloy system with extra thick grids is designed specially to with stand the very hot Indian summers; this ensures to give optimum power even when it’s heavily discharged. Also the SFPBX – 1500 PLUS battery is fitted with an on board sensor that detects when the inverter battery needs a recharge and warns with an alarm. This system has gained a huge response in the market.

SF Sonic primarily offers 3 types of inverter batteries at best prices to assist its customers in times of power crisis.

SF Sonic PowerPunch

Exide Genset Battery Supplier

SF Sonic Power Punch is built with a special Hybrid Alloy system to ensure it withstands the hard Indian weather conditions. It also comes with dual plate separation to protect the battery from vibrations and shocks. For convenience and safety purposes, it comes with a Float Guide that indicates electrolyte levels. The batteries come as ready to use since they are factory charged.

  • Enhanced Life
  • Low water loss
  • Superior re-chargeability
  • Increased reliability
  • Easy to connect and handle
  • Easy maintenance

SF Sonic Power Box

Exide Genset Battery Dealer

SF Sonic PBX 1500 Plus is primarily designed to provide mains quality power to your inverter during long power cuts. It is manufactured with proprietary power technology to ensure continuous bright lights even during extended power cuts. It is built with advanced hybrid alloy system that is specially designed to withstand hot Indian summers while built-in extra-thick grids with high surface area ensure optimum power is provided even when deeply discharged.

SF Sonic PBX 1500 Plus is fitted with advance Electrolyte Level Indicator sensor that warns against low electrolyte level of battery

  • Special Hybrid Alloy system
  • Dual plate separation for better safety
  • Float/Float Guide
  • Factory charged
  • Easy maintenance

SF Sonic Ready Power

Exide Genset Battery Distributor

SF Sonic Ready Power is a rugged, low maintenance battery designed to withstand hot Indian summers and frequent power cuts. Manufactured at state-of-art, manufacturing plant at Taloja Factory near Mumbai, we employ advanced hybrid alloy grids and extra thick plates for rugged performance over the years. Each power-packed cell stores more charge while SF Sonic's proprietary technology ensures complete safety for use at home and work.

  • Thick plate construction
  • Quick recharge
  • Micro porous filters
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Electrolyte Level Indicator
  • Easy and convenient to use

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