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exide solar Battery

Exide Kiran Solar Batteries

Luminous Inverters Distributor

Features of New Kiran Solar Batteries

  • Life Expectancy: Robust grid design prevents corrosion, lowers degradation rate & enhances life expectancy.
  • Deep Discharge Application: Optimized Alloy System - suitable for deep discharge applications.
  • Safety: Spark Arrestors enhance the safety feature of the battery.
  • Spill Resistance: Side vented lid design for all types (except KIRAN100 battery) gives excellent spill resistance characteristics. KIRAN100 battery comes with Dome-type Top vented lid with Anti-Splash guard.
  • Reliability: The special type Ribbed PE Separator & Glassmat combination maintains electrolyte reserve in the proximity of plates, prevents shedding of active mass, increases reliability & service life.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Float / Float Guide helps to indicate the MAX / MIN levels of Electrolyte.
  • State-of-Charge: The dual acting Magic Eye indicates State-of-Charge of the battery.
  • Ease of Operation: Heavy duty Lug type Take-off & Low Resistance Fasteners enable easy connection & durability.

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